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10 Unique Uses for Cremation and Memorial Jewelry

5 min read

Losing a loved one can be devastating, and keeping a memorial to them that’s close can be a great way to remember them and help deal with your loss. That’s one of the reasons that cremation or ashes jewelry has become so popular. It enables you to keep a tangible part of your departed physically close to you. 

While our jewelry is perfect for keeping cremains of your loved one or pet, sometimes you don’t always have access to their ashes. And many times, you just want a keepsake even before they’re passed. Below are some great alternatives for using your memorial jewelry for more than ashes.


Dried flowers necklace

1 ) Dried Flowers

Flowers have many traditional meanings, and are often associated with the various stages of life, from birth, to marriage, anniversaries, special occasions, and with ultimately our departure from this world. 

Dried flowers from a funeral or wedding bouquet, or any of these other meaningful occasions are a popular keepsake. You can also use flowers from your garden, from a special places, or a meaningful flower that helps you remember an occasion. Many of our customers use lavender, dandelion seeds, and other small flowers, but pieces of roses and lilies are also common.

Our clearglass vial pendants andglass necklaces allow you to see the flowers, while our enclosedcylinder necklaces also make great containers. 


Sand and soil necklaces

2 ) Sand/Soil

What better way to remember that amazing vacation, the beach honeymoon, or the sunset walks by the water than to keep some of that sand for your necklace? Those cherished moments can live with you forever when you carry them with you in yournecklace orbracelet

Or, do you have a treasured garden, camping spot, vacation spot, or resting place? A small amount of dirt or soil from these meaningful locations can make a great memorial to your loved one and the special time you spent together. Ourvialscylinders, and glass memorial jewelry can also hold very small pebbles, shells, or other keepsakes.


water from baptism


3 ) Water

Water has been part of important ceremonies and meaningful moments for thousands of years. From a baby’s first bath, to baptisms and blessings, water is symbolic of washing away the negative and joining families together. From holy water, to a sample of water from your favorite beach, creek, or lake, keeping water with you can help you remember your loved ones and cherished moments.

Many of our vial and cylinder necklaces have rubber gaskets and tight seals that allow you to keep water and other fluids in your necklace. (Note: We do recommend that you use adhesive when sealing to ensure that the caps remain tightly sealed.)


Blood vial

4 ) Blood

Blood is the essence of life. We swear blood oaths to symbolize deeply held commitments, or become "blood brothers" to represent a bond that can never be broken. When you carry the blood of a loved one with you, it represent a magical bond between two souls.

Blood necklaces have been popular for some time. Who can forget Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie’s blood pendants?Or more recently Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s recent blood jewelry?

If you’re consideringvials or cylinders to carry blood, make sure that you select vials that seal tightly. Remember, blood is considered a bio hazard, so leakage can be dangerous. You’ll also want to ensure that you have preserved it correctly, using a anti-coagulant, alcohol, or other preservatives.

As with water or other fluids, you’ll also want to make sure that you use adhesive when sealing your pendant or jewelry, to ensure a leak-proof seal.

Hair locket

5 ) Hair

Keeping a lock of a love one’s hair is an age old tradition, and in fact, in the 1800s entire wreaths were created using artfully twisted and curled locks of hair from entire families. Hair lockets date back centuries, and enabled someone to keep loved ones close to their heart. Whether it’s a clipping of your loved one’s hair, a snippet of your baby’s first curl, or hair from a beloved pet, keeping hair as a memorial is a beloved tradition.

A number of ourlockets can contain not only ashes, but hair as well. And ourcylinder andvial necklaces also make carrying locks of hair very simple. A vail or glass necklace or bracelet has the added benefit of letting you see the lock of hair.

Leaves and grass

6 ) Leaves and Grass

Places help us to remember special times with our loved ones. A convenient way to memorialize those special places and moments is to incorporate leaves, grass, or other mementos from these locations. Colorful autumn leaves, pine needles, grass stalks and seeds, can make attractive and memorable keepsakes when they’re kept in asee-through vialor glass necklace orbracelet

If you would like to preserve them without having to dry them, you can also add alcohol or oil to your memorial jewelry.

Flask necklace

7 ) Essential Oils and Perfume

Smell can evoke even the earliest memories of childhood. Baking cookies, cinnamon rolls, vanilla, your mother’s favorite scent, your father’s aftershave, lavender from your grandmother’s garden. A number of our glass necklaces are perfect for carrying these meaningful scents and their memories with you. 

From glass flask style pendants, to cork capped vials, there are a number of options that will not only let you carry these special memories, but smell them during the day.

8 ) Herbs

Dried herbs have both medicinal and symbolic uses. For instance, sage is reputed to have cleansing properties and has been used extensively by First Peoples, pagans, wiccans, and new age spiritualists. Other common herbs include mugwort, St. Johns wort, bay, laurel, rosemary, cat nip, mint, and many more.

Depending on the necklace or bracelet, these herbs can be added either whole, crumbled, and either dry, or suspended in alcohol or clear oil.

9 ) Crystals

Crystals are not only known for their beauty, but much like the herbs we mentioned above, they have a long tradition in spirituality, rituals and symbolism. Many of our vials, cylinder pendants, and glass bracelets can accommodate a selection of meaningful crystal pieces and pebbles.

10 ) Signature or Handwriting

A person’s signature and handwriting is something that is uniquely theirs. If you have a small sample of their writing or signature, you can roll it and place it in many of our cylinder and vial necklaces. That way you can carry with you a unique memory of that person. Perfect for that signature of mom, dad or grandma from that card or letter, or your child's or grandchild's handwriting when they were young.


Your imagination is the only limit for the numerous ways you can use memorial jewelry. From the soil, sand, or water of an important place, to the hair, signature, or smell of your loved on. We’d love to hear and see about how you use your memorial jewelry. Send us pictures and a description to:

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