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Wooden Photo Frame Pet Urn Holder

This elegant wooden photo frame serves as both a keepsake box and a holder for your pet's urn. It allows you to personalize your pet's final resting place by incorporating photos of your cherished companion. Featuring a timeless design, this wooden photo frame not only serves as a keepsake box for your pet's urn, but also allows you to create a loving memorial with personalized photos of your beloved pet. Crafted with care, this frame provides a dignified and beautiful way to honor your cherished companion's memory.


  • Material: Medium Density Fiberboard

  • Color: Black

  • Urn Size(approx.): 10.5X10.5X16cm/4.2"x 4.2"x6.3" (L*W*H)

  • Big Photo/card size(approx.): 12x6cm/4.7" x 2.5",

  • Small Photo/card size(approx.): 4.5x4.5cm/1.7"x1.7"

  • Can be used horizontally or vertically.

  • Features a secure sliding panel, with two separate photo compartments, change photos without disturbing ashes.

  • We highly recommend that a plastic bag or other container be used to secure your pet's ashes held in this.

Shipping: Due to supply chain issues and high demand, shipping times are currently estimated at two to five weeks before delivery.